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Green Urban Initiatives AGM 2016
Let's make it happen! Brenda Wallace, Director Environmental and Corporate Initiatives for Saskatoon shares changes designed to sustain communities; socially, culturally, economically, and environmentally.

The Green Energy Project
The Green Energy Project Saskatchewan's goal is to create a comprehensive, technically sound plan to transform Saskatchewan's electricity grid to run on renewable energy sources in a way that will also be economically and socially beneficial for our rural, urban and First Nations communities.

Climate change and peak oil are the defining challenges of the 21st Century. Saskatchewan, with its sunny weather, abundant wind resource, and existing hydro-electric capacity, is well-placed to meet these challenges -- yet we currently have the highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita (70 tonnes/person/year) of all Canadian provinces! We can do so much better.

Five reports have been completed with topics ranging from rationale for action, to renewable alternatives to the policy needed to get us there. All five reports are available at

Articles by Jim Harding

Speech Transcripts

We have compiled a number of documents dealing with alternative energy and energy conservation, as well as the nuclear debate. Please feel free to download any of these files for educational purposes.

The following pamphlets are available for download, courtesy of the Inter Church Uranium Committee Educational Cooperative (

The following was presented at “Planting the Seed: Development and Sustainability of Natural Resources in Saskatchewan”, 6th Annual NRT Conference, SIAST Woodland Campus, Prince Albert, March 12, 2009.

The following documents are presented courtesy of the Coalition for a Clean Green Saskatchewan (



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